Learn the Ancient Art of Face Reading

Face Reading is a tool that gives you an immediate advantage in every face-to-face interaction. Face Reading works every time with every person and has been scientifically validated to 92% accuracy. There are 144 muscles and 14 bones that make up the human face and each has a story to tell. Face Reading is the only science that requires nothing from the subject. If you can see it you can read it.

In today’s fast pace world Face Reading is a critical skill and easy to learn. These workshops will change your life, because they will change the way you see and understand people



Face Reading for Relationships
Feb 2 - 9am-5pm

Single or married – understand the unconscious character traits you developed to protect yourself from childhood wounds and how they are affecting you today. What are your needs, expectations and desires? What qualities are important for your partnership to have? Learn new communication tools and develop your ability to recognize your compatibility levels with others at a glance, as well as areas you will need to work on to create a healthy long term loving relationship. Get in touch with what you are really looking and understand what might be blocking you. Know where you will need to create balance to help you keep the love you find, or already have. Get a new understanding of how to create an environment of trust and clear communication, for positive results.

$99 - Face Reading for


Face Reading Level One
March 8 & 9 - 9am-5pm

The human face is a living personality profile of its owner; every facial feature, line and crevice provide insights. No more snap judgments, Face Reading gives you an immediate advantage in every face –to- face interaction. You need nothing from the subject; if you can see, it you can read it. This workshop will change the way you see and understand yourself and others.

Day One: Learn the history of Face Reading, how to gauge the importance of size, placement, and scale to the face. Learn to recognize 150 individual facial traits and their definition that you can begin to read immediately.

Day Two: This practicum experience is designed to give students supervised practical experiences to bridge the gap between the knowledge gained in class with real world applications. These hands-on experiences make integrating face reading into your everyday people skills easier. A vast variety of faces presented will help students to improve and broaden their awareness of individual facial features and how to apply them. Learn the basic principles of size, shape, and placement. Learn to recognize and interpret the meaning of 150 individual facial traits.

Face Reading Level 1 - $


Face Reading for Business and Sales
May 4 - 9am-5pm

One look at a person's face gives you the ability to peer into the mindset of your clients - employees and decode their wants - drives - and motivations. Eliminate myths - assumptions and beliefs - know at a glance what causes them to buy or turns them off. This interactive workshop gives you a roadmap to both business and sales success without asking a single question. The Forehead can tell you more about their thought-processing style than the details of a written personality assessment. Eyelids tell you whether a person wants details, or the bottom line; the Nose reveals the speed of making a decision. No other system offers immediate insight to human behavior, without any outside data from the subject. Achieve or surpass quotas, close bigger deals, shorten the sales cycle, increase revenue, hire the best people, enhance team productivity, and improve your relationships with your prospects, customers and employees. Face Reading for Business and Sales is about transferring your knowledge into application. It is focused on the information you need to easily succeed within your own industry and sales application process. Learn to recognize and interpret: 65 facial traits pertinent to business and the sales. Workshop includes both books Face Reading For Business and Face Reading For Sales.

$99 - Face Reading for Business and Sales


Body Language - Non Verbal Communication
August 6 - 9am-5pm

Good communication is the foundation of successful relationships, both personal and professional. Most of the messages we send other people are nonverbal. Body Language is a vital form of communication: our facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, posture, and tone of voice create a natural, unconscious language that broadcasts our true feelings and intentions in any given moment, and clues us in to the feelings and intentions of those around us. Western Face Reading has been scientifically validate to 92% accuracy and provides an instant personality analysis. If a picture is worth a thousand words, just think what the image of a face tells the world. The shape, size and location of facial features all have meaning. Each feature, line and crevice tells the truth of a person. The human face reveals why a person behaves and thinks in certain ways. Learning to read a face is easy! It only takes a few facial traits to have incredible insights into others and yourself all without speaking a single word. Non-verbal communication can help you connect with others, express what you really mean, navigate challenging situations, and build better relationships, beyond anything you believe is possible.

$99 Body Language - Non Verbal Communication



Face Reading Level Two
September 27 & 28 

Why would you want to advance to Level Two? If you aspire to an understanding of the whole person, this workshop is a must. It provides you with the skills to delve deeper into Face Reading and compile a complete profile of a person.

Day One: Learn how to put facial traits together as a group. Learn how to spot the affects of plastic surgery. Learn to compile a complete personality profile of anyone you choose. Learn to gauge right/left brain differences. Learn to recognize the subtle nuances that give you the key to accurate insights and understanding and how they influence the truth of a person.

Day Two:
Sharing knowledge, skills, information and perspective from previous classes and personal application. This workshop creates a one-of-a-kind opportunity for collaboration, goal achievement and problem solving. You will have access to Lins’ 23 years of experiential wisdom, as well as a supportive environment whereby the less seasoned students can share the real issues impacting their application of face reading and receive feedback, knowledge and perspective.
Face Reading Level 2 - $299



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What can you learn at a Face Reading Seminar?

The best way to approach people to create openness

How to improve and deepen your communication skills

How to understand and accept another individual at FACE value

How to improve all your relationships through deeper awareness

How to improve you life in any area you choose to apply face reading to.

Face Reading provides a straight forward easily learned accurate tool for all areas of life . . . . . . . .

Workshop includes your personalized, fully illustrated and easy to understand workbook to serve as a tool to you to gain deeper understanding of yourself and every person you will ever meet.


What about a single horizontal line between your eyes?
This shows you have the weight and responsibility of the world on your shoulders. You need to find a way to ease the burden you feel you're carrying.

Do your ears stick out?
This shows you are a nonconformist and an independent thinker. You are a scholar and a quick thinker but you are also stubborn.

Are your earlobes attached to the side of your head?
Don't tell anyone, . . . . . . but this reveal just what a "bossy boots" you are. People often perceive you as superficial.

Do your eyebrows meet in the middle?
Stop worrying so much. Your mind is always on the go and you find it hard to relax. You also need to stop taking everything so personally or else you'll find yourself often feeling depressed.

Are your eyes deep-set?
You are cautious and reserved. Although you are deeply romantic, you never let yourself become unrealistic in love. You usually become successful from your late thirties onwards.

Or does it turn down naturally?
A natural pessimist, you naturally distrust most of what you hear. Ironically, this leads to less disappointment since when things turn out badly you are rarely surprised.

Do you have two big front teeth?
This reveals that you are impatient, stubborn as a mule and need to be constantly reassured.

Class size will be limited to 35 to ensure maximum potential for all students.

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